DotNetNuke 6 has a lot of changes compared to the previous version of DNN. Pop up dialogs across the entire settings of the website,Solpart and Nav Menus are gone and DDR Menu has arrived,updated administration modules. The usability of DNN 6 offers a different experience.


Some of the DNN 6 features are:

Look and Feel: DNN 6 has a new look and feel with the DDR Menu and extensive use of Pop-ups across the whole website settings.DotNetNuke 6 is tightly integrated with jQuery. DotNetNuke 6 uses several jQuery plugins to provide an updated, modern, and consistent user interface. The core framework uses a custom jQuery UI theme to style the dialogs and tabs.

Cloud Computing: Pay for only what you use with Cloud Computing. DNN 6 is fully compatible with Windows Azure Hosting and provides cloud service integration with the addition of the new Windows Azure Storage and Amazon S3 folder providers.

DotNetNuke Sharepoint Integration: Microsoft Sharepoint Connector for DNN enables publishing documents from sharepoint document libraries to public websites,intranets and extranets. 

Ecommerce: DNN 6 professional and Enterprise Edition includes an ecommerce module that allows organizations to set up an online store. DNN has good eCommerce capabilities that supports multiple payment gateways and allows customization to cater to your business requirements.

C# Core Code: DotNetNuke 6 is completely C# now. Migrating the Core code from VB.NET to C# is an accomplishment. Lot of websites have already been built and running on DNN 5 versions. Converting the Core Code to C# and still providing support for the existing Commercial Websites is the highlight of DNN 6 version. We upgraded successfully from DNN 5.6 version to DNN 6.0.There were some Skin issues but it was very basic. So DNN 6 is rock solid.

Get your Business started with DotNetNuke 6 or upgrade your existing Website to DNN 6.

Please let us know if we can help you in migrating to newer version of DNN or architect a solution from scratch.