Backup a DNN site

It is always important to backup your DNN website for disaster recovery purpose. Backup of your DNN site can also be used to move your site to a different server. If you want to restore your DotNetNuke site to a local server,you have to enter portal alias to point the site to the localhost version. You can add the portal alias from admin ->Site Settings portal alias or directly modify the PortalAlias Table to enter your localhost setting.

Backup DNN directory and DotNetNuke database.

Backup DNN directory by copying the files from your server to your local machine. Also take a backup of the DotNetNuke database “DotNetNuke.bak” either yourself or from your hosting provider. And then create a localhost dnn site by configuring the Database and dnn site files.

Restore a DNN Site

If you have developed your DNN site locally or in TFS and planning to move live with the changes,then you need to restore the database, validate user accounts, restore DotNetNuke files, configure a new virtual directory, and setup the web.config.

Please do the following steps to restore a DotNetNuke site.

1) Restore your website files to your new hosting server.
2) Restore your Database on your new server.
3) Inorder to set the portal alias,modify the portalalias table from the DNN Database. Change your localhost to point to live site.
4) Check IIS Settings for file permissions. Change the connection strings from web.config to values from live site. The ASP.NET account must have write access to the files.
5) Browse to your domain name and continue with the install wizard. If there are any errors in permissions, then give proper permissions for the directory and continue with the install wizard again.

If you want us to backup your DotNetNuke site or restore your DotNetNuke site, please feel free to Contact Us at or 206-855-3113.