DotNetNuke facilitates adding Meta Information like Title,Description and Keyword in each page settings. You don’t need to update Meta information anymore going into each and every page. The following module enables you to add or update SEO Title,Keyword,Description from a single page.

Meta tags are lines of HTML code placed in the head section, “<head>”, of a page. HTML supports many types of Meta Tags, but for SEO purposes we will only be looking at title and description tag. Title tags are displayed in search engine results and on top of the browser. According to SEOmoz, Title Tags are one of the most important on-page search engine ranking factors. Description tags are used to describe content on a web page, and are displayed in search engine results underneath the page title.

SEO Title,Description,Keywords in a single DotNetNuke-DNN page
"Keywordmodification" is a free module for DotNetNuke community, developed by Oliver Hine. You can install the module just like any other DNN module from host-->Extensions.

Once you install the module,add a separate page with admin permissions only for maintaining all your SEO information in a single page.At first the module loads with just a button to request the tabdata, which will bind a jqGrid control on the client. When you click on any row it will switch automatically into the edit mode, clicking on another row will save the current row. You can click the refresh data button to see if anybody else edited a page.

You can drag the column to increase the width and add SEO information to each column. If you have so many pages on your website, then this module will make it easy for you to update meta information.

Please visit the following URL to download the keywordmodification module.