DotNetNuke Community Edition comes in with a rich set of features that can be utilized to achieve your business goals. DotNetNuke Community Edition is absolutely free of cost. The recent version of DotNetNuke is DNN 6.0 in which the core code is completely migrated to C#.

The DotNetNuke Community Edition has the following features:

Content Administration: You can easily add,modify and delete pages and content in a few minutes of using DotNetNuke.There is no need of Programming Skills to use DNN.The look and feel of the website too can be easily changed.

Applications: Lot of modules are installed for you along with DotNetNuke.To name a few Blogs,Links,HTML,Documents,Forums.You can easily integrated 3rd party modules into DNN. is the store where you can buy DotNetNuke Skins and Modules. More than 8000 applications are available to buy. You can also write Custom Programming to meet your business objectives.

Cloud Computing: DotNetNuke supports Cloud Computing and allows you to store files in the Cloud.

File Management: You can easily upload files into the DNN File System and readily use the files. You can allow your website users to download your files with the built in Documents module. Number of times your files have been downloaded can be tracked with the documents Module.

Unlimited Websites: A single DotNetNuke Installation can have multiple portals.Your organization can host all your websites in a single installation by creating child portals.

Security: The Pages that are created in DotNetNuke can be assigned roles so that you can allow certain sections of your website to be accessible only by registered users.

Hosting: DotNetNuke Hosting is very cheap. We provide DotNetNuke Hosting services and provide 24x7 support. We will upgrade your DotNetNuke installation to the latest version.

Search Engine Optimization: Tweak Title,Keyword and Description in every page of your DotNetNuke Website and allow your Business to get more Customer Leads.We provide DNN SEO services to help your Customers connect with you.

There are still a lot of features that are in store for you. We will arrange a Demo Account for you to explore all the features on consultation.

Custom DotNetNuke Skins and Modules: We develop custom DNN Skins and Modules specifically for your Business. We have creative Designers and Microsoft Certified Engineers who have in-depth knowledge of programming  to provide solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

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